Accelerated Services

Standard Open Auto Transport Service: 

Our 270+ trucks are equipped with open trailers that can haul up to 9 cars at a time. In addition, these trucks go all over the country. Even if you just have one car, we will have it loaded on the next available truck headed to your vehicle’s destination. 

Timing: Though we strive to move all vehicles quickly and efficiently, the time frame of shipping your vehicle depends on many factors. This includes things such as the size of your vehicle- if it is a monster truck it may take us a bit longer to find a truck that it will fit on. Another factor is how far the pickup or drop-off location is from a major city or highway. When the driver has to go out of a normal shipping lane, it may take a few extra days for us to get it to its destination. Weather can also impact timing.

Pricing: Price is based on some of the same factors that timing includes. For example, we charge a bit extra for large trucks because they take up more room on our transport truck. If a driver has to drive out of his way to pick up or deliver your vehicle, there may be a charge to cover their gas and the extra stop. That being said, a driver can always meet you in a city nearby to deliver your vehicle. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Our team here at Accelerated is friendly and knowledgeable and can talk you through any questions you may have. 

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